My name is Chris Comstock and I reside and run my business in the North Woods of Wisconsin. I was born and raised in Minnesota near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and ever since I was a young child, I have always had an interest in art and creativity. I started my career in the artwork industry in 1987 designing apparel graphics for a small company and have learned, grown, and evolved my artwork continuously ever since. There is little I have not designed over the years, having with worked with all types of clients from individuals to multimillion dollar national and international companies.

As you go through the site you will find that I have experience in many different mediums including: Graphic Design, Illustration, All types of Apparel Graphics, Photography, and Fine Art. There are more specifics under each of these categories so please be sure to check them all out.

My philosophy on artwork is simple: There are no rules. I don’t subscribe to the rigid
teachings of the old masters although I do have a great appreciation for them. I feel that
artwork creation is a continually evolving process for the individual artist and this is how
different, new and exciting processes are created. Art is creation flowing from each
individual mind and no one should have the ability to stifle that creative process but
should instead encourage it. I also believe that every artist should do what they love
because the heart and soul that goes into it shows in their artwork.

My goal with my business is to make a living doing what I love by listening to my clients,
interpreting and creating their vision and doing it in an open, honest, fair and fun way. I
believe that satisfaction and an enjoyable process are paramount to the success of any
business and I strive for these with each and every client that I have the privilege to work
with. With 27 years experience and the wide variety of projects I have worked on you can
be sure I will do everything I can to provide you with exactly what you envision.